A Sofa Made From Goodyear Tires

goodyear sofa

By David Ponce

Way to re-purpose stuff, eh? This fun little creation was on display at the Milan Auto show recently. It’s a sofa, made by Italian designer Zak, that uses some Goodyear RunOnFlat treads.

Aside from the pic and that little tidbit of info, the link chain doesn’t exactly produce any more useful info.

So there you have it. A sofa made from Goodyear tires.

VIA [Gadgetblog.it]

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  2. I’m taking a 3-D class this summer and one of our assignment was to make a chair out of found objects.. so I chose tires.. It looks simular to this except no wheels and no arm rests.. and the foot stool is separate…but this looks much cooler..

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