A Smarter Key Fob From Audiovox

Audiovox Remote Start Key Fob (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

Remote car starters are nothing new and from what I can tell are almost standard on most vehicles today. But in an attempt to lure people away to a third-party remote system Audiovox has come out with the Prestige key fob.

Besides being able to remotely start your vehicle and lock/unlock doors from over a quarter-mile away the Prestige can also receive messages from your car which it displays on a built-in LCD screen. These messages can include whether your vehicle is running, if the doors are currently locked or unlocked and most importantly as winter approaches, the current temperature inside the vehicle. All that in a slick looking carbon-fiber transmitter that also has a built-in flashlight!

The Audiovox Prestige key fob is currently available for around $220.

[Audiovox Prestige Key Fob] VIA [bookofjoe]

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