A Simple Design For Carrying Coffee

By Luke Anderson

I don’t like coffee, so I rarely find myself in a situation where I’m attempting to carry several cups of Joe. I have gathered that it can be something of a difficult situation to coordinate all of those hot cups, even with the various carriers out there.

This cool design actually looks like it would make transporting hot coffee (or any other similarly-sized beverage) fairly easy with a simple device. It appears to be just a flat piece of cardboard with a well-designed shape which allows you to carry two cups and a few extra napkins. I’m sure we’ll see something like this popping up a coffee joints all over.

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14 thoughts on “A Simple Design For Carrying Coffee”

  1. Its a piece of cardboard… dirt cheap, no way is it more expensive than the coffee.

    Especially when you factor in the horrific overpricing of the coffee….

  2. ‘actually looks lie it would’
    1st line, 2nd paragraph.
    Just a heads up.

    But, yeh…
    Looks like it could be useful, I don’t think production of them would cost much, especially if mass produced, it’s only a thin piece of cardboard after all.

  3. Nah, it’d probably be like pizza boxes at pizza places, and also probably cheaper than the fully-formed weird boxed one that places like that already use…

    I like the design because with that, it seems like the hot coffee in the two cups wouldn’t splatter out the sip holes and burn your hand like it often happens to me when I carry one on my own.

  4. 🙁 Why can’t people just use their hands? This is great, yeah, and looks cool and would be fun but what about our poor, badly beaten environment? Mother nature is crying at the site of this.

    I wish people would just stop being so wasteful.

  5. From an environment perspective, if you gotta have a carrier (and, face it, you certainly do if you carry something else in your other hand), at least this one is much more likely to be reused than the more complex 3D cardboard trays that need to be carefully disassembled to store flat.

  6. Here’s a thought, reusable carriers with this design. Perhaps even made from *gasp* post-consumer materials. Also, why stop at two, it isn’t a rarity to see interns in these parts attempting to carry 8 or more.

  7. Ehr… We have those at all festivals in Denmark where they’re used to carry 5 plastic glasses of beer/soda/etc.
    Hard to see anything revolutionary in that there? Same concept…

  8. A similar solution have been used on the Roskilde Festvial since ’95, where it’s made to carry 5 cups of beer, theirs have been made from recycled cardboard, and you also pay a deposit on them, to encourage futher recycling of them.

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