A Sermon From Lego

By David Ponce

Third time in not that long that Lego appears on this site. This time however, it’s not because of something good. To me, they’ve just has an acute fit of apoplectic anal retention.

Should you, accidentally or not, type Legos.com (with an “s”), you will of course get redirected to the proper lego.com site. This however will not happen before you’ve been given a little lecture on the proper use of the Lego brand name.

Try it.

Story VIA The Raw Feed.

2 thoughts on “A Sermon From Lego”

  1. FYI, this message is no longer up. They’ve gone with a more polite tone in there new message….

    ” You are probably looking for
    http://www.LEGO.com – the official website
    for LEGO bricks and toys – you are
    now being redirected

    If you have not been redirected
    please click here”

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