A Ringtone For Your Doorbell

usb doorbellBy David Ponce

It’s entirely possible that you’re the type of person whose skin is translucent from spending every waking hour indoors (playing WoW?). That’s cool, we don’t judge. But if that’s the case, there’s a good chance you also get a barrage of visitors who come and dump stuff at your door all day, be it pizza, or pimple medication. Whoever it is, I bet you’d love it if they could get a taste of your fascinating personality when they ring your bell. With the USB Doorbell from Thinkgeek, you can do just that. Plug it into your PC’s USB port, upload any 30 second MP3 or WAV, and install it instead of your regular doorbell. Then, next time anyone rings, they’ll get an earful of Bjork getting strangled, or whatever stuff you’re into.

Please be aware that “The USB Doorbell is NOT a wireless doorbell. It is designed to be used in homes with pre-wired LOW VOLTAGE doorbell systems (which is the standard doorbell system). The USB Doorbell does not include a step down transformer, and is only designed to be used within a low voltage circuit (4-24 V).” It’s also in stock, and sells for $100.

If you read after the jump, we’ve included a dandy video.

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3 thoughts on “A Ringtone For Your Doorbell”

    Now that I got that over with… Why?!? iPod docs everywhere, MP3 players embedded in everything , phones belching ‘music’ so loud the whole office hears it! It goes too far!
    Er, well why not I guess, but I’ll be damned if I get one!

  2. Ha ha…this looks pretty funny! I dont know if id buy one though. It would get kinda annoying after awhile hearing odd sounds or songs…I’d stick to the conventional doorbell for now.

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