A Personal Supercomputer By NEC

By David Ponce

It used to be that supercomputers were the stuff mega-corporations bought to determine, say, the optimal MSG content in a fried burrito. Well, move over corporation, NEC is bringing the supercomputer to a home near you, for a mere $100,000.

If you have that sort of change lying around, you’ll be able to get yourself an HPC Server SX-8i

It is a “deskside” (too big for the desktop) vector operation supercomputer that performs 16GLOPS.

The SX-8i can mount up to 32GB of RAM and delivers a throughput of 64GB/sec between the processor and memory, ensuring highly efficient use for advanced scientific and computing applications. It ships in February 2006.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, that picture up there has absolutely nothing to do with this particular product. I just had to put something.

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