A Palm Warmer In The Palm Of Your Hand

Hand Warmer

By Evan Ackerman

So many unfortunate people live in places where it’s really, really cold for much of the year. Me, I went to college up in Maine, and suffered through a couple days of wind-chill induced temperatures of 60 below zero. That’s what we call wicked cold. Now I live in California where it’s in the 60s (the positive 60s) all winter, and therefore I have no need for the Eneloop Kairo rechargeable hand warmer. A mere 3 hours charge time will give you between 5 and 7 hours of heat depending on how cold you are; the hot setting gets to 110 F (43 ?), while the mild setting is at 102 F (39 ?). The Kairo weighs only 80 grams including the internal lithium ion battery. One single switch and some LEDs give you all the control you need, and it’s available in white, pink, and black. During the summer, when it’s nice and toasty out, the Kairo looks like it would make a damn fine skippin’ rock. $40.

If pebble-sized isn’t quite big enough for your heating needs, Eneloop also makes a rechargeable foot/pet model. Check it out here.

[ Eneloop Kairo (Translated) ] VIA [ DVICE ]

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