A Necklace Comb For Your Stache

By Luke Anderson

Are you a guy that has spent a good deal of time growing out your perfectly shaped mustache? I prefer to just keep it to a gotee, which is pretty easy to manage. However, if you like to keep your facial hair looking perfect, you probably keep a special comb around just for that purpose. Why not just get a special necklace comb just for your stache?

Honestly, I can’t picture many people that would actually wear such a necklace. First off, it’s ugly, and second, why would you wear a comb on a necklace? Oh, and did I mention that it will set you back $120? It’s only sterling silver for crying out loud!

[ MakoolLovesYou ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

1 thought on “A Necklace Comb For Your Stache”

  1. Oh, I am so buying that for my boyfriend. “Here darling, I got you a $120 comb for your moustache! What, you’ve has a moustache for 15 years and never felt the need to comb it? For shame!”

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