A Mouse In The Mighty Mouse?

Apple Mighty Mouse (Image courtesy Dan Bowles & Flickr)By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t use a Mac myself, but I will admit that Apple’s designers are probably the best in the industry at this moment.

Besides producing fantastically well built hardware, with very clean lines and a great minimalistic look, they also seem to pay attention to details most other companies wouldn’t even waste the R&D dollars on.

Case in point, it seems Dan Bowles has discovered that when lifted a few inches into the air, the red LEDs used by his Apple Mighty Mouse actually projected the image of a mouse onto his desk. While I can easily see Apple adding a ‘feature’ like this, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to discover it.

As one poster on Dan’s Flickr accounted commented, “I want a Bat-mouse that projects the Batman-Logo onto the desk…” I couldn’t agree more.

[Mighty Mouse at Dan Bowles Flickr Account] VIA [NewLaunches]

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