A Magnetic Levitation Turntable For The Ultimate In Vibration Dampening


The MAG-LEV Audio looks pretty badass. It’s a turntable with a magnetically levitating platter, and that alone should be the main selling point. The platter is smoothly controlled through a patented drive system that can easily switch between 33.3-rpm and 45-rpm with just a turn of a button. When you turn it off, the platter gently lowers back down onto a set of legs that pops up upon shutdown. There’s even an Uninterrupted Power Supply that will perform a smooth shutdown procedure in case of power loss, protecting your precious records and your expensive turntable as well. And we say expensive because of course the MAG-LEV Audio isn’t cheap: it’s an $880 pledge to get your own, with shipping almost a year away in September 2017.



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