a-JAYS Four iPhone (Image courtesy Jays)

a-JAYS Headphones Get A Fourth Version Designed For The New iPhone 4

a-JAYS Four iPhone (Image courtesy Jays)
By Andrew Liszewski

With every new iPhone announcement comes a tsunami of new iPhone accessories, and while we try to avoid boring you with news of every single case, dock and screen protector that crosses our inboxes, there are the occasional items worth noting. Like these. Jays, the Swedish headphone maker, has added a fourth version to their a-JAYS product line appropriately called the a-JAYS Four iPhone since they’re specifically designed to complement the new iPhone 4.

The inline 3-button remote, which can be used for making calls and controlling your music, has a design that’s slightly reminiscent of the new iPhone’s updated form, and I can’t recommend the flat cord design enough if you’re tired of your headphones getting tangled. The version Fours will of course work with older iPhones, and really anything with a headphone jack if you don’t care about the remote, and are targeted to be available sometime in the third quarter of this year.

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