A Day Off

By David Ponce

So, I’m taking a “sick day”. Or something.

Of course, I can’t just abandon y’all, and since all my contributors are MIA, I’ll just have to leave you with a few links to entertain yourselves with.

And, if things go according to plan, I should have a little treat ready for y’all on Friday.

Deflexion, a board game that uses lasers. VIA [Coolest-Gadgets]
The Fluffpod, a silky sleeve for the iPod nano, presented by a freaky-deeky model. VIA [Techie Diva]
The Polar AXN300, a bright neon watch for skiers. [Aving] VIA [Gizmologia]
50 GB Blu-Ray disks are being manufactured. It’s a dry run, but hey, it’s something. VIA [Gadgetblog.it]
Mobis, a docking station for your smartphone. VIA [TechieDiva]

And yeah, there you have it.