A-DATA Introduces Waterproof & Shock Resistant Portable HDD For The Truly Clumsy

A-DATA SH93 HDD (Images courtesy A-DATA)
By Andrew Liszewski

I like the idea of a portable hard drive that can survive a little wear and tear, but A-DATA has taken things to the next level with their new SH93 portable drives. No longer do you have to worry when working in the bathroom next to a bathtub full of water since the SH93 drives can survive depths of up to 1 meter for a full 30 minutes thanks to their industrial looking rubber and plastic housing.

The drives also use special cushioning materials inside to survive the military MIL-STD-810F drop test, so if you accidentally push it off a desk there’s a good chance your data will still be intact. The SH93 drives will be available in 250, 320, 500 and 640GB capacities in your choice of a red or yellow finish, though official pricing and availability hasn’t been announced.


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  1. The drive features a small channel running along its outer edge. It’s here where you can store the mini-USB cord.The cable features a USB cord on one end which you connect to one of your computer’s available USB ports.
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