A Bright Engagement: Man Builds Induction-Powered LED Engagement Ring for Fiance

LED Engagement Ring

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. But let’s do one up Beyonce and say that if you love her, then you’ll go ahead and build a ring for her. That’s what Ben Kokes did for his fiance. It took nearly four months and nine prototype versions before Ben was done with his project. He presented the ring to his girl this month and she loved it so much that she decided to make it her permanent ring instead of going to the jeweler to get one. Pretty neat, huh?

Ben started out by designing and developing a circuit that would be able to power up the ring inductively. In the end, he used a coil of wire wound around kaplon tape as the inductor and a small SMD capacitor to power up three tiny ultra-bright LEDs.

The ring lights up when the ‘transmitter’, as Ben calls it, is close. Meant to be worn as an armband or concealed under the jacket, it’s actually a device that produces anĀ induced alternating magnetic field, which in turn causes the ring’s LEDs to illuminate.

Ben documents his entire project here, in case you want to check out more photos and details.