A Bluetooth Remote For The N91

nokia n91 bluetooth remoteBy David Ponce

Well, Nokia’s N91 is sure taking it’s sweet time to come out. Some people are already grumbling that by the time it does hit the market, it won’t be the blockbuster it promised to be when it was first announced. I’m a little less pessimistic. I mean, hey, who’s gonna be hatin’ on a 4GB musicphone from Nokia?

Whatever the case, before we can buy it, we can maybe entertain ourselves with rumors of accessories made specifically for it. In this case, it’s a Bluetooth remote. It’s design takes cues (as in, is an exact replica) from the phone’s own front controls.

News of this came out just two days ago, when the FCC approved it. Details should be on Nokia’s site soon enough.

Now, this phone, this remote, Bluetooth headphones, and I’m set.

[N91 Bluetooth Remote] VIA [Xataka]

5 thoughts on “A Bluetooth Remote For The N91”

  1. when does this come out?!
    i really need it since N91 its self doesn’t support A2DP ,it is (freaking) me out,,and before that i even try to find some bluetooth software!!

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