A Better Torrent Search Page, Torrentfinder

By David Ponce

Okay, so first with the standard disclaimer. Stealing copyrighted property will land your soul in hell. In hell, you cozy little soul will be poked with shiny spikes and laughed at mercilessly. Please, think of your soul.

So, that said, I have to admit that at first, I thought Torrents.to was pretty sweet. Then, I realized it sort of sucked that every time you searched for something, it actually took you to the website’s page. What’s the point? You can just go to the torrent tracker site yourself and do the search right there, no?

So, this new one, Torrentfinder.com, is actually. really pretty amazing. You get a list of, say, 40 torrent trackers and you get to check which ones you wish to search: only one, or all of them, or in between. Then, you type what you’re looking for, and you get a general page with your results. You don’t have to go to the specific sites. It’s all there for you, in a nice handy list.

So, again, the place to go is Torrentfinder.com. Story VIA .

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