A Bedroom Like Bilbo’s, Straight From His Little House in the Shire

Bilbo's Bedroom

We’ve got two more weeks before Bilbo Baggins’ epic adventure hits the big screen. Peter Jackson and the rest of his crew are currently working feverishly on post-production for The Hobbit, and it’s set to be completed just two days before the big opening. Talk about a close call.

I’m not going a grand adventure like Bilbo is, although I am making a huge move to a new place next year. So you can just imagine the geek in me scream out (while my boring, serious external stuff maintained a calm demeanor) when I spotted this cozy-looking get-up that looks like it came straight from the set of The Hobbit!

Bilbo's Bedroom

Granted, it’s made for regular-sized humans like you and me, but it’s right in keeping with the theme of Bilbo’s cozy little cottage in the Shire, don’t you think? The carvings, the iron accents, the finish of the wood–yup, I’m sure it’ll fit right in.

The Hobbit hits theaters on December 14th and from the looks of things, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of the franchise and will probably camp out in the theater battle the crowds and heavy lines to catch its midnight screening. Oh, and if you’re interested in getting bedroom sets that’s agreeable to Bilbo’s tastes, then you can get them online for about three grand.

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