A Bathroom TV From Porter Lancastrian

porter lancaster televisionBy David Ponce

When not living in a closet-sized shithole, a bathroom can actually be one of the nicest rooms to hang out in. So, anything that gives us an excuse to spend even more time there is fine by us. This is why we’re digging the Porter Lancastrian TileVision, a mirror that doubles as an LCD screen. When the TV is off, it looks like a regular mirror. But turn the high brightness, high contrast set on, and you’re able to watch your favorite programs in either 17 or 23 inch versions. The sets use 6mm thick toughened safety glass, and are built to be entirely waterproof and temperproof.

They come with remote controls, and also allow you to listen to the radio. There’s no word on price, though from the looks of the bathrooms in which they’re displayed, we can’t imagine these being too cheap.

[TileVision TV] VIA [Trendir]