$8000 GPR-S Modular E-Bike Now For Sale

By Evan Ackerman

Here in California where “highway” is virtually synonymous with “parking lot” during rush hour, a car may be the least efficient way to get to and from work. Motorcycles have the advantage of legally being able to drive between lanes of stopped cars, which gets you to work faster while simultaneously imbuing you with a delightful sense of smugness. You can get an extra helping of smug with Electric Motorsport’s GPR-S, an eco-friendly motorcycle powered by plug-in lithium-ion batteries.

The GPR-S has a respectable top speed of about 70 mph, and can make it about 60 miles on a charge, unless you’re chunky, in which case you’ll get as little as 35 miles. A full charge using the on board system takes around 4 hours, or you can hook it up to a speed charger and top it off in only an hour and a half. The best news is that the bike’s power system is completely modular, meaning you can swap out the battery and the engine when something faster / cheaper / better comes along.

About 25 of these bikes have been presold at $8k each, but if you’re so inclined, you should be able to get one for yourself without much trouble, as Electric Motorsport can roll out up to 500 of them a month, if the demand is there. Click on through for more pics, and full specs of the GPR-S at the Electric Motorsport site.

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