80 Port USB Charger Board

80 Port USB Charger Board

80 Port USB Charger Board (Image courtesy AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Being able to charge electronics from your computer’s USB port is a handy convenience, but even on a desktop machine, they can run out pretty quickly. But I promise you that running out won’t be an issue with Thanko’s charging board which features 80 ports letting you charge pretty much every single USB device you own at the same time.

80 Port USB Charger Board (Image courtesy Thanko)

Looking at Thanko’s website the board obviously needs its own power supply to juice every port, though I’m not sure if it actually comes with one, or the photos are just there to remind you that you probably don’t want to tie this into your PC’s existing power supply. It’s not wired for data though, lest you think you’d be able to attach 80 flash drives and use it as some kind of hackney RAID. ~$182 (¥14,800) available from Thanko’s website, or cough up $249.99 from AudioCubes and save yourself the import headaches.

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