8 BIT XMAS 2009 NES Cart

8 BIT XMAS 2009 NES Cart (Images courtesy RetroZone)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s a little late to be talking about Christmas gift ideas for this year, but it’s never too early to start talking about gift ideas for next. So if you’ll need a present for someone who was a big fan of the NES, and still has a running console hooked up at home, this 8 BIT XMAS 2009 cart from RetroZone is beyond perfect. For starters, the cartridge itself looks like a Christmas decoration thanks to a translucent plastic housing and blinking lights on the inside that glow while the NES is powered up. (It looks better on a top loading NES of course.)

But it doesn’t stop there. The cart also includes the RetroZone Snowball Fight!!! game that allows up to 4 players to compete in a deadly game of compacted snow projectiles, recreated in stunningly realistic 8-bit graphics. The cartridge itself sells for $43, but you can make the gift extra special with a custom splash screen message for the giftee for an extra $5, which is totally worth it in our opinion.

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