8-Bit Holiday Wreath Announces Your Gaming Affiliations Proudly

By David Ponce

Now that trampling season is over (aka, Black Friday and alternatively, pepperspray season), it’s time to fully turn our attention to the Holidays. Some would argue that this has been the case since Halloween ended, but who’s really counting? The important thing is that it’s now time to spend lots of cash while remembering Santa’s birthday or something. And in true spirit fashion, it’s time to put the wreaths out. Gamers at heart should check this out:

Crafted of durable EVA foam, the 8-Bit Wreath features shiny gold coins with blinking yellow LEDs, cherries, a controller, a pair of cherries, and a certain green mushroom in a Santa hat, among other goodies.

It’s only $15 but it’s currently out of stock. Should be back on the virtual shelves soon enough though, around December 1st.

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