7-Inch LCD Monitor Tries To Make Your Wii Portable

Nintendo Wii LCD Monitor 7 Inch (Image courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Nintendo Wii just doesn’t come across as a highly portable gaming system to me. I think it’s mostly because the majority of the games require you to be some distance from the screen so that you can flap and wave your arms without the risk of causing any damage. So while this 7 inch LCD display that attaches to the Wii is kind of cool, I’m just not sure when it could be used. The website suggests using it in a car, but I wonder if playing the Wii in a moving vehicle is even possible given all the bumps and motion.

As you can see in the photo the LCD attaches to the back of the Wii console with a rather large connector that makes the whole unit about an inch longer. It includes cloned versions of all the ports on the back of the Wii that end up getting blocked, and even adds an extra set for connecting an additional AV device to the screen. I like that the screen is attached via a ball and socket joint so that it can be pivoted and rotated around as needed, however, I’m not sure if the screen has an integrated Wii sensor bar. If it doesn’t, where are you supposed to mount one?

You can find it at Chinavasion for about $101.

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  1. to me it looks like the “sensor bar” of this thing is what is positioned above the speakers. (actually the sensor bar is no sensor at all, it’s just a row of ir-diodes, the sensor is in the wiimote)

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