Worst Alarm Clock Ever


The Lexon Flip Alarm Clock is a simple alarm clock that you turn off by simply flipping it over. We think it’s stupid, because honestly, who’s going to wake up when it’s this darn easy to turn the alarm off? Sure, you could argue that pressing a button isn’t all that much harder than this, but think about it. Pressing a button requires a little more coordination than just flipping an object over, maybe just enough coordination to force you awake.

It’s £29 or roughly $44.

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1 thought on “Worst Alarm Clock Ever”

  1. I’m not so sure, I had an alarm clock that had a big snooze button (most do), eventually I learned to hit the snooze in my sleep and could keep doing that for hours. Flipping over an object requires more effort and conciousness than that!

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