60beat GamePad Controller For iDevices

By David Ponce

The thing about gaming is that so much is riding on the controller. Just think about the fundamental differences between PC vs. console gaming, and the advantages a mouse and keyboard can give you over a console controller. The same is true when you move into devices who weren’t created with gaming in mind, but who later discovered a healthy market for it, like the iPhone. There’s no denying that pressing a flat, feedback-less screen is not ideal for gaming. So that’s why we like the GamePad from 60beat. It plugs right into the audio jack of your iDevice and gives you 2 analog sticks, 1 D-pad and 10 action buttons (2 on the joysticks). It needs no batteries since it draws power from the device.

The only problem is the current number of compatible games: 2. Two games! So yeah, it’s great and all, but not very useful unless the company manages to get more developers to include code in their games that takes this particular controller into account. Still, it’s $50.

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