56 Species Of Geeks

56 Geeks

This amusing poster (click here for the full version) by artist Scott Johnson (from ExtraLife) illustrates 56 different types of geeks (click here to see high res versions of each), most of which are probably familiar to you if you’ve spent much time on the internet, or if you’ve spent much time as an awkward teenager. I’d probably call myself a cross between the gadget geek and the robot geek, with a little bit of the photo geek thrown in for good measure. And maybe a little bit of the code geek… I’d better stop before this gets embarrassing and I start admitting that I used to be a D&D geek. Oops.

A full size 20 x 30 print costs $36; an 8 x 12 is only $10.

[ 56 Geeks Posters ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

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