$5500 Solar Powered Car (Only In China)

By Colin Ackerman

This little car is completely solar powered. Designed by Zhejiang’s 001 Group, the solar panels on the roof require 30 hours of sunlight to top the car off, giving it a maximum range of 150 km. Astute observers of nature may have realized that you can’t get 30 hours of sunlight a day (not in the latitudes of China, anyway), so fully charging the car is easily a four or five day process. Weather permitting. But, it’s a completely free, hands-off, eco-friendly process, and if you’re just running errands, an hour of full sun will buy you 5 km of juice. There isn’t much additional information about this car, such as whether or not there’s also a gas engine under there or if there’s also a plug-in option. I certainly hope there is some kind of plan b, because darkness and/or bad weather are precisely when you need a car the most.

Only 10 of these cars have been produced so far, at $5500 each, available only in China.

[ Gasgoo ] VIA [ AutoblogGreen ]

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