Nostalgia Yo-Yo (Images courtesy SpinGear)

$5,000 Nostalgia Yo-Yo Is Modeled After A World Champion Model

Nostalgia Yo-Yo (Images courtesy SpinGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

A couple of years ago I was taken aback that someone was selling a yo-yo for $460. It was nice and all, but $460? Well that seems like a steal now since this model, the Nostalgia, is hand-made by world champion yo-yo builder Shinobu Konmoto and sells for somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000, or ¥400,000.

Don’t get too excited when you’ve finally scrimped and saved enough to order one though, because they take 6 months to complete! And, just like buying an expensive DSLR doesn’t guarantee you Ansel Adams quality photos, don’t expect to be the next Tom Smothers when this thing finally arrives. In fact I’d use those 6 months of waiting to get really, really good at yo-yo-ing, since you probably don’t want to risk any incidents while using this one.

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