5 To 9 Clock (Images courtesy Lamplabs)

5 To 9 Clock Emphasizes Those Few Important Hours When You’re Not Sleeping Or Working

5 To 9 Clock (Images courtesy Lamplabs)
By Andrew Liszewski

18 years of schooling taught me that watching the clock makes time run about half as fast as normal, but this 5-to-9 clock actually uses that to its advantage. Created by Lamplabs, a new design company with an emphasis on lighting, the 5-to-9 is your basic circular analog clock, but with the sections from 9pm to 5pm removed. That way it only emphasizes the hours when you’re not at work or not sleeping. And if you spend that precious amount of time staring at this clock, it will make it seem like a lot longer than just 4 hours.

The clock’s also got a lead weight on a chain hanging off it that “symbolically represents the counterbalance required to achieve a measured life.” So yeah, that part is a little unnecessary and kinda preachy, but I still think the clock has a clever design. And if you agree you’ll want to head over to Kickstarter where you can pledge/pre-order one in white for $85, or your choice of cherry veneer, bamboo or maple plywood finish for $100. Just keep in mind it’s one of those sites that requires a minimal amount of promised funds before it goes into production, and with just $195 of this project’s $2,500 goal pledged, I have a feeling it might not ever see the light of day.

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