4K TVs For Less Than $1k? Yes, It’s Possible


4K TVs (or Ultra High Definition televisions) are the way of the future, but it’s a future that up until now still would cost a pretty penny or ten. If you’re an early adopter who agreed to pay a princely sum for a 4K set, we’re sorry to inform you that you might’ve overpaid by quite a bit. See, Vizio’s P-Class televisions are giving its major competitors a serious run for their money. A 50 inch set is $999, while a mammoth 70 inch model sells for $2,599. That’s less than some people recently paid for a Sony 55 inch 4K TV. And the p-series are crammed with features, like “Full-Array LED backlighting and advanced local dimming technology with 64 Active LED Zones, Advanced Color Management and Active Pixel Tuning [that] provide viewers with precise color operation for richer, more accurate colors and micro-brightness controls at the pixel level for luminance adjustments, further increasing contrast and picture detail accuracy.”

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