4GB MP3 Players From Siren

By David Ponce

You can’t say “The Holidays are upon us!” often enough. That means you’ll be raking your noodle for gift ideas, and yes, we’ll be happy to make a few suggestions. For those in your life that can’t distinguish between quality and, er, crap-ity, consider these two MP3 players, the EDGE and the SIR, from a company called Siren. They might be available at Walmart soon (I say might because an older version was, so you know…), so they’re not likely to hurt your wallet too much.

Now, they come with a bunch of standard features, like integrated storage, FM radio, voice recording, SD/MMC expansion slot, 16 hour battery life on an AAA, etc. What sets them apart from the slew of other token players is that they will also be available in 4GB, making this company the third after Apple and Sandisk to do so.

Right now however, you can go look at the order page and stare at the “coming soon” sign.

[Sirenplayer] VIA [DAPreview]