4-Port USB Hub & Alarm Clock

4-Port USB Hub & Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Discovery Channel Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oh look! Yet another device designed to draw power from your PC or laptop’s USB ports with minimal benefit to the user. This time it’s a folding alarm clock that includes a built-in thermometer so you can always know what the temperature is 3 inches from your PC.

But believe it or not there is a plus side. While the device does take up one of the USB connections on your computer, it also works as a hub giving you 4 additional ports in return. I guess for a desktop system without a web connection (which would give you access to more detailed weather reports) it could be handy, but on a laptop why wouldn’t you just use a regular USB hub which would put less drain on your battery?

The USB Hub Alarm Clock is available from the Discovery Channel Store for $19.95.

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