3M Shoot n' Share Camera Projector (Images courtesy 3M)

3M’s Shoot n’ Share Camera Projector

3M Shoot n' Share Camera Projector (Images courtesy 3M)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you can’t wait until you’ve had a chance to edit down that 3 hours of birthday footage before sharing it with the family, then 3M’s got 2 1/2 words for you: Shoot n’ Share. Their new Flip-like camcorder is able to capture 720P video clips to a microSD card (up to 32GB supported) since the 14MB of built-in memory sets a new standard for being laughably low. It can also capture 5MP stills but surprisingly seems to be lacking the pop-out USB connector that have become ubiquitous to these types of video devices.

But what it’s lacking in pop-out USB connectors it makes up for with a built-in pico projector allowing you to immediately share videos and photos with more than just a small crowd huddled around its LCD display. Now the projector is limited to 640×480 and a not-so-bright 12 lumens when running off its rechargeable battery (14 lumens on AC) but hopefully it’s the first appearance of a handy feature that will hopefully one day be commonplace. $299, available around the beginning of October.

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