3M Nuclear Grade Duct Tape


By Evan Ackerman

With all of the nuclear power plants in the US pushing 25 years old or more, the obvious solution to keep them from disintegrating into piles of radioactive dust is duct tape. But not just any duct tape: 3M’s Performance Plus Nuclear Grade Duct Tape. It doesn’t appear to be particularly radiation resistant, but it does feature clean removal indoors and outdoors after up to 6 months. It’s waterproof and you can write on it, but most notably it works at temperatures up to 200°F, which was always the achilles heel of duct tape and the reason why it’s so bad at taping ducts.

You can find 3M Nuclear Grade Duct Tape in slate blue or red on Amazon for about $14 a roll.

[ 3M ] VIA [ Toolmonger ]