3GSM: It’s Only Day 1

By Evan Ackerman

The 3GSM conference opened today in Barcelona, and as might be expected, one or two new cell phones have shown up. Also as might be expected, most of the “new” phones are familiar designs with slightly larger screens, slightly more memory, slightly faster downloads, slightly less thicknesses, some quirk to the combination of features and interface, and a wildly disproportionate cost increase. Hey, innovation doesn’t come cheap, buddy! Luckily for those of us who were burnt out on cell phones by noon, there were some legitimately new(ish) designs:


The MOTORIZR Z8 is more than just another combination of the “Moto” prefix and some horrendous pseudo-l33t spelling of the word “razor.” It’s, like, all bendy. Designed to conform more naturally to the curves of your face and hand, the slider phone has a build in hinge to lend it some flexibility. It’s also got HDSPA/Bluetooth/MP3/2MP/MiniSD.

Nokia E90

The Nokia E90 Communicator is a widescreen cell phone, pimpin’ a resolution of 800×352, which is enough to let you see most web pages at their full width. Such a wide screen is an excellent excuse to add a large QWERTY keyboard. It’s also got HDSPA/WiFi/Edge/GPS/FM/3.2MP/etc…

Possio GRETA

Last but not least (especially considering its size) is the Possio GRETA. Technically it’s a cell phone, but more importantly and more practically it’s a printer, scanner, copier, and GSM fax machine. A 50 foot roll of paper is built in, and measures a shade under a foot long. Let’s hope there’s a speaker phone.

Look forward to more celltastic coverage as 3GSM continues.

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