3D Hangman Game Is Kind Of Morbid

3D Hangman (Image courtesy I Want One Of Those)By Andrew Liszewski

If you enjoy a good game of hangman, but walk away feeling unsatisfied with just drawing a stickman hanging from the gallows, this 3D version should appeal to your morbid side.

The game plays just like traditional hangman and includes an erasable whiteboard for the clue, and a notepad for keeping track of what letters have already been guessed. The individual parts of the man and the gallows attach to each other magnetically, and for every wrong guess another piece gets added until he’s left completely hanging. On a side note I’d love to meet the teacher who felt that a gruesome death by hanging was a great way to teach kids about spelling and vocabulary.

The 3D version of Hangman is available from I Want One Of Those for about $18.

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