3D GPS Interface: It’s Like You’re Actually There

3DLabs 3D GPS

By Evan Ackerman

When running around with a typical GPS device, you may have noticed that you have to look up once in a while to avoid running into buildings and other physical objects. 3DLabs has solved this annoying issue with an interface that uses 3D buildings and skinned textures to help you navigate, as opposed to the featureless isometric view that most GPS devices provide.

New flavors of GPS units come out every week, but this sort of interface has a lot of potential. The one downside might be 3D data availability, but both Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth are offering skinned 3D models for an ever expanding catalog of cities. Since 3DLabs doesn’t make GPS units themselves (just the software and the chipset it runs on), it’s going to be up to others to decide what, if any, public data integration will be offered.

[ 3DLabs Press Release ] VIA [ NaviGadget ]

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