3D Cone Is An iPhone Attachment That Allows For Stereoscopic Photography

In a few years from now, when your baby grows up, he’ll ask you why all his baby pictures have these awful filters applied to them (please direct hate mail to our legal department). 3D pictures on the other hand? We’re not sure about that one. For one, these aren’t nearly as common, seeing as the iPhone lacks the hardware required for true stereoscopic photography. But the 3D cone pictured above wants to change that, letting you take two quick pictures in succession from slightly different angles through the use of a specially positioned mirror. Current applications that do the same thing require you to take one pic, move to a new location and take another pic, which isn’t so great with moving subjects. All you have to do here is launch the app, take the pic, and you’re done.

Like many projects these days, the 3D Cone is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter. A $39 pledge will get you yours, although successful funding at this point is not guaranteed: they’re at $3,700 of the $55,000 they need. If you choose to help them out, you’ll get your case in March 2013.

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