Luci Live App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store)

$399.99 ‘Luci Live’ App Promises Broadcast Quality Recording And Streaming

Luci Live App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

I realize that broadcast caliber equipment usually affords a level of quality not found in consumer-level gear, which is often reflected in the price. But I’m having a hard time seeing how Technica Del Arte manages to justify charging almost $400 for their 1.8MB Luci Live recording app.

I mean having the ability to record to professional IP codecs (optimized for transmission over cellular data networks) and even broadcast remotely to a station at the same time are certainly important features for on-air reporters. But from what I can tell it’s not like Technica Del Arte has developed these codecs themselves, or has exclusive rights to them. And let’s not forget that price tag doesn’t even factor in the cost of a professional mic which is a necessity if you intend to use the iPhone for any kind of broadcast quality recording work. And while I hate to throw out the term ‘snake oil’ because I have no doubt the app delivers and performs as promised, I can’t help but feel they’re maybe preying on the broadcast industry who’s used to paying exorbitant prices for their gear.

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2 thoughts on “$399.99 ‘Luci Live’ App Promises Broadcast Quality Recording And Streaming”

  1. If you knew Luci, like I know Luci…’s a hell of an app for the broadcast world. It’s used in place of an over 3k unit, and can be a savior when you need to go live on the radio quickly. I would say if you understand what Luci truly is, or ever need it, you don’t quibble about the money.

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