360fly Does Action Vids In 360º


You could strap a GoPro to your helmet and catch the action in front of you. But what if you miss something awesome happening behind your back? Better cover all your angles and get a 360fly camera. It’s dust-proof, shock-proof, and water-proof and is able to shoot video at 1504×1504, in 30fps. You can view the vids through the companion app, and then share them to your favourite social network. Unfortunately, despite having 16GB of internal storage, we can’t quite tell how much time that gives you. Still, it’s a cool product that we expect to do well on the marketplace… if they can manage to convince people to fork over $499. You can pre-order it now, with shipping “this spring”.






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1 thought on “360fly Does Action Vids In 360º”

  1. Heh would you look at that…What will they think of next? Imagine that a camera that can capture action normally missed by a line of sight device. Would work great at sporting events and firework shows for sure.

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