360 Degree Real Time Video Camera

360 degree camera imageStory by Asim Waqar

Ever wonder just what sort of evil doodle dandy happens right outside the field of view of most police cruiser-mounted cameras? Don’t you think that the viewing angle is made conspicuously narrow, leaving a whole lot of ground for, uh, unorthodox behavior to occur? Well, no doubt lawsuit-inspired reform is in the air, with the AV-360.

Joseph J. Mazzilli, who invented and patented the camera, spent eight years in the Organized Crime Control Bureau of the New York Police Department and infiltrated the Colombo crime family. The unit is a patented, highly effective real-time digital video camera attached to a vehicle’s rear view mirror, with a 360 degree viewing angle.

Targeted initially at law enforcement, the camera will be demonstrated in a police vehicle at the International Security Conference East in New York City on August 24th and 25th.

Price: well, would it really matter??

Wesbsite is under development (I imagine it will be up after the showing of the camera). Visit it here.

4 thoughts on “360 Degree Real Time Video Camera”

  1. Wow, that sounds like a very helpful tool. I think it will go over well at the conference. I live in NYC. Knowing that police could have more “eyes” looking around is a comforting feeling. You should hop on over to associatedcontent.com. Its a great site with a ton of articles on technology.

  2. I was wondering about this project around weeks. But I was thinking about this camera more like a everyday product – like a replacement for todays web cam what you can watch with viewer similar to Apple Quicktime.

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