360 Bag Goes All Around


By David Edney

It’s a complete breakthrough in photography transporting! Well, not really, but it is a damn clever way to access your photography camera/accessories without having to take off your back pack and drudge through everything. The Rotation 360 bag lets you access your gear without taking off the bag. The top part holds necessary accessories or whatever else you would need and the bottom half is a secret fanny pack [Fanny packs, wtfomglol! -Ed.] that slides around your waist when you need it and tucks away under the top bag when not in use. They also include a method for mounting two SLR’s on the front of the shoulder straps so you don’t have to set them down on anything, a rail on the waist belt to add accessories easily and a built in rain cover for the entire bag. The best addition is the hold down strap that holds the camera to your chest in case you’re running for your life, like most freelance photographers do. For $280 it’s a steal, especially if you spend the arm, leg, half an ear and nose worth of cameras and equipment that would go into it.

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