+336+ SMS Mirror

By Evan Ackerman

+336+ MirrorBy day, the +336+ SMS Mirror masquerades as a normal mirror. But by night (or whenever you decide to send it a message), the mirror turns into an SMS text display. The messages scroll across the mirror’s surface in luminous text, but only when someone is actually standing in front of the mirror. Only 20 of these are being produced, for the exorbitant price of $10,000 each. Looking at the product, I’m not really sure where that $10,000 is going, besides into the sticker that says “Limited Edition.”

Now, I’ve spent my entire Sunday afternoon trying to figure out why it’s called the +336+ mirror. In l337speak, “+336+” translates to “teegt,” which appears to be some sort of genetic protein… So maybe that’s not it. Area code 336 is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but the design studio from whence it comes is in Paris, the designer himself lives in Rio, and he was born in Italy, so that’s probably not it either. The consecration of Pope Mark in the year 336? Highway 336 between Peoria and Macomb in Illinois? No, no, no. Sigh, I give up.

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