3 Mile Pencil Has Nothing To Do With The Nuclear Power Plant

3 Mile Pencil (Image courtesy NPW.co.uk)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though this pencil has nothing to do with the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, nor is it actually 3 miles long, it will still probably interest those of you who haven’t completely forgotten how to use a manual writing instrument. The pencil features markings along its side that let you know how many miles you’ve actually written. The more you write and the more you have to sharpen it, the shorter it gets. It also features a scale letting you know approximately how many words you’ve written, and according to GenieGadgets.com, you’ll need about 22 of these pencils to copy out the complete works of Shakespeare by hand. (Or just hire a roomful of monkeys to do it.)

GenieGadgets.com also sells the 3 Mile Pencil for about $3.40.

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