2Seconds: Self-Made Tent

tentBy Tanya Palta

Remember those dreaded camping trips where dad could never get the tent right? I don?t know about you but I was fully traumatized as a kid. If only we’d had the 2 Seconds Self Made Tent, from Decathlon, which sounds too good to be true.

Just throw it in the air and voila!, your tent is ready in, you guessed it, two seconds. This is possible because of the innovative way the spring hoops have been placed. It comes with a coated double roof with waterproof seams for excellent water resistance, anti-condensation ?breathing? room, extra-strong polyester fabric, and space for 2 people (1.45 m by 2.45 m).

So next time when some one uses the C word (camping), break into a big smile!

[Decathlon] VIA [Yanko Design]

6 thoughts on “2Seconds: Self-Made Tent”

  1. Hi!!, that tent is available in Spain since last year, and I had the chance to use it. It?s really easy tu put up, but, it?s only usefull if you are camping for one day, in Summer or Spring as it doesn?t keep warm inside …It?s also a bit unstable, so if there?s a gust of wind, and you?re not inside it, it can easily “run away”. It?s great if you are in a hurry, if it turns dark suddenly and you have no place to go to anyway in an emergency…Great thing to have in your car when you go camping, not for a five day trip.
    Love your site. Besos!!!

  2. I’ve had a tent like this since 1993. Mine came with stakes to keep it from rolling away, which is nice, but it added an extra 30 seconds to the set up time. It’s actually not that hard to fold up once you get the hang of it. The only problem is that after it sat in the closet for a few years it needs a little extra encouragement to “pop”.

  3. mr. moody’s all over it, this is nothing new. just google “pop tent” and you’ll find dozens of sites which sell similar tents with a rain fly and stakes (essential for the not blowing away and staying warm & dry aspects of tent camping). i’ve never gotten one because pitching a regular tent really isn’t hard and if a pole snaps, you just need a new pole instead of a whole new tent.

  4. I had a tent like this called a “Voila” Tent. I flew Cobras in the Nat’l Guard and this tent would fold up like a pizza and I could put it behind my headrest in the Cobra. Super compact. Well made and very expensive because it was low porosity nylon. Mine was yellow and nothing would dye it dark so I had to wait for nightfall to open it. Great tent. No problems 1983-2001 when I retired.

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