$2,500 Titanium Tricycle Seems Reasonable

Titanium Tricycle (Image courtesy FirstBikeShop)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first glance you might scoff at this $2,500 titanium tricycle, but if your son or daughter has ever wrapped an aluminum tricycle around a tree after getting hopped up on expired Flintstones Chewable Vitamins, you’ll appreciate the fact that this trike is nearly* indestructible. (*Kids will be kids after all.) The titanium frame also makes the tricycle lighter and easier to drag up a hill if junior is trying to impress their friends with a daredevil stunt, and since kids will treat a $2,500 tricycle with as much care as a free cardboard box, it won’t rust or corrode if left outside in even the worst of weather. The tricycle is being offered by the owner of Loopfietsjeswinkel.nl which is apparently the leading supplier of training bikes in the Netherlands, and you can safely assume it’s probably a one-off design.

[ A $2,500 Tricycle? This must be a misprint ] VIA [ Luxist ]