$250 Case Could Turn Your Smartphone Into A Laptop


The processing power of a modern top-tier smartphone is impressive by any standards. But powerful as it is, a phone is still not anyone’s preferred method for getting any real work done. So why not use the phone as the removable “brains” of a laptop? That’s exactly what the Casetop from Lividesign aims to do. It uses your docked smartphone as the processor, the graphics engine, and the trackpad of a much more work-practical but still very portable 0.8″ thin laptop. Once docked, the Casetop provides a “11.1-inch 720p display, full-sized keyboard, stereo speakers, HDMI input, MHL video input, dual-mode MicroUSB, audio output and “always-powered” USB for charging other devices.” It seems to have room for a gargantuan battery, claiming 30h+ of autonomy, while allowing you to charge your mobile device. Better yet, the device works with any number of phones, featuring a slide-out clamp that should accommodate multiple sizes.

It’s currently doing the Kickstarter dance, seeking $300,000 with $250 pledges, which nets you one case.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]