25-inch Cannon Really Goes Boom

Field Cannon

By Luke Anderson

Looking for something that’s going to really set your desk apart from everyone else’s in the office? Surely with all of the strange gadgets out there you’d be able to find something that displayed your individuality. If you really want to make an impression on everyone, might I suggest the 25-inch field cannon?

This scaled replica doesn’t just look cool, it also actually fires. It runs on calcium carbide ammunition which will give it one hell of a boom. It’s going to set you back $150, but you can bet that it’ll leave an impression on everyone in the office.

[ LighterSide ] VIA [ NerdApproved ]

3 thoughts on “25-inch Cannon Really Goes Boom”

  1. I had one of these as a kid – but it wasn’t anywhere near $150 (amazing inflation). It’s body was made of two shells of really heavy cast iron and a decent milled barrel. I used to plug the end with acorns and shoot them around, going deaf in the process (this was the 60s, so it was allowed)

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