24 Port USB Hub Is Just Not Enough


By Evan Ackerman

24 USB 2.0 ports, you say? Some people might call that excessive. I am not one of those people, because 24 USB ports is not enough for me. I mean, after I’ve plugged in my volcano, Christmas tree, lunchbox, chameleon, missile launcher, microwave, light bulb, mouse wheel, chainsaw, ethernet hub, sunglasses, wireless HDMI adapter, cat ears, slouch meter, transfer cable, foot switch, spoonful of cereal, digital microscope, race car email notifier, am/fm radio, travel mug, micro display, shortwave radio, and Whack-A-Mole, that doesn’t leave any room for other things that may come in handy in for some specific tasks… Like, a mouse. Or a keyboard.

So obviously, it’s necessary to get more than one of these. How many, you ask? Well, if you go back to the early days when we were just a wee little blog (and for the record, at that point, I personally didn’t even know what a blog was), it turn out that OhGizmo has a total of 1,073 posts about USB stuff of varying degrees of usefulness.

Make that 1,074.

So if you want to plug all of the USB stuff that we’ve written about in at once, you’ll need 45 of these 24 port USB hubs. At $70 each, that’s $3,145. Better start saving; you can find them at USB Fever.

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5 thoughts on “24 Port USB Hub Is Just Not Enough”

  1. Finally! I never have enough USB ports what with charging my iPhone, and BlackBerry, plugging in my wireless mouse, external harddrives and camera.

  2. unfortunately, you can only have 127 devices per host controller (and you may have more then one controller on your mobo, depending on the mobo) and that is including the hubs. and more then likely there are multiple hubs daisy-chained inside this one hub.

    since most hub controllers only support 4 ports, and each controller will be sacrificing one port to connect to the next one, there are probably 7 hub controllers in this hub.

    so if i am correct (and i really doubt i am), you will only be able to connect about 4 of these to each controller, for a total of 93 devices (not counting the hubs).

    and don't forget, you need room for the four wall warts that go along with it.

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