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SEGA’s Newest Gaming Console Is A Public Urinal

SEGA’s Newest Gaming Console Is A Public Urinal

SEGA Toylets (Image courtesy Kotaku Japan)
By Andrew Liszewski

After having left the home console market years ago, SEGA is now going after a new market that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo haven’t dared to touch. Men’s public bathrooms. Dubbed ‘Toirettsu’ which is kind of a play on ‘Toy’ and ‘Let’s’, the enhanced urinals feature a sensor target that’s able to detect when it’s being peed on, and the strength of the stream. (Yes, it’s as painful for me to write this as it probably is to read.) This is then translated into mini games displayed on an eye-level LCD display, like putting out fires (of course!) or battling other players by shooting milk out of your character’s nose (double of course!).

The new games also offer the benefits of encouraging guys to actually use the urinals instead of the floor, and they provide restaurants and the like with a place to sell advertising. As you can see in the video below working models have already been exhibited at trade shows, but there’s no official word on when you might see one appearing at your local loo.

VIA [ Kotaku & Kotaku Japan ]


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